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About Us

BEST AGROLIFE LIMITED bearing CIN L74110DL1992PLC116773 is a BSE listed Company incorporated on 10th January, 1992 in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956. The Company is engaged in the business of wholesale and retail trading of Agro and agrochemicals products.

On 5th May, 2020 vide NCLT order the Company had acquired Best Agrochem Pvt. Ltd. a company engaged in the manufacture and sale of Agro and Agrochemicals products. The company has been servicing agrochemical industry with their unique products that are well researched, developed. Its focus is on healthy living, sustainable growth and unique possibilities of agribusiness.  

Mr. Vimal Kumar has been responsible for translating his more than 25 years of experience into sourcing innovative products from across the globe that will benefit not only the farmers but also our environment. The Company is committed to fortify agriculture with a highly productive and progressive vision and mission to make Indian farmers prosperous.

Our professionally qualified team create efficient Agro solutions for our consumers by carefully observing and listening to their requirements and surpassing their expectations.

Our goal is to deliver exceptional agrochemical products and unique solutions that collectively give added value to our consumers. We are customer centric. We focus on our clients, as individuals, and as a company. We embrace possibilities and progress.